We specialize in fine quality, quickly made passport photos.ClarisSSS

No appointment necessary.

Details as follows:-p

Eight (8) photographs

Costing Twenty Dollars ($20)

Taking Five (5) minutes

And here it is in Hanguk (한국어), because we are located very near to the Consulate and see many Korean nationals every day.  (This does not mean we only serve Korean customers, though!)

여권 사진  (PASSPORT PHOTO) 찍습니다

ST. JAMES PHARMACY (세인트 제임스 약국)

엘리베이터 G 에서 내리셔서

에스컬레이터 타고 LG로 내려오시면

안쪽으로  ST. JAMES PHARMACY가 있습니다

Best translation-

Passport photo (can be) taken at


Let (yourself) off (at) the elevator (Level) G (Ground)

Come down the escalator to LG (Lower Ground)

Inside (you will find) ST. JAMES PHARMACY

 Electronic copy delivered to your inbox by arrangement!

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