Hello and welcome to St. James Pharmacy. Owned, operated, curated, inhabited, venerated by two cheerful souls:

Sandra Grant – qualified pharmacist, mother of two. Passport photo machine operator, checker of interactions. Speaker of Croatian. Dispenser of medicines and salient advice. Cheese  and chocolate enthusiast – not necessarily in the same dish – and all around good person. Kako si vi?

Steve Campbell Grant – apothecary at large, raised by children. Speaks efficient, broken Korean. Champion of the ear wax removal syringe. Proud sponsor of Coca-Cola.  Generally enthusiastic – often criticized for “smiling too much”?

And here they are – the happy couple. Still smiling after 20 years of togetherness, married for almost as long. (eye is wonky because optic nerve is shonky.)

Steve and Sandra, actual people. Also pharmacists.
Steve and Sandra, actual people. Also- pharmacists.


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