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New Phone Number

St James Pharmacy now has two mobile phone numbers, which can be contacted 8.30am to 6pm Monday To Friday

0414393145 (Sandra)

0415093145 (Steve)

If you have an after hours enquiry you can contact us at the following email addresses:

Hope to hear from you soon.

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Opal Vendor Margins, NSW Government: Time For A Fairer Deal


Please find attached a letter written today –  April 27th, 2016 to the NSW Minister for Transport, Andrew Constance

 Dear Mr. Constance,

I wrote to you earlier this year in an attempt to discuss Opal vendor margins, but have not had a reply and as of today – April 27th, 2016  – still await your reply.

Opal            I have tried negotiating with Opal but e-pay – the Opal service provider – have merely demanded I pay $3267.79 by way of intimidation. This is for the recovery of an opal terminal but I dispute this amount as I have the terminal in my possession and believe myself to still be an opal vendor.

I believe I owe E Pay $896.30 and this is my only leverage in this negotiation.

Today  I have received a letter of demand from Australian Recoveries and Collections Pty Ltd demanding $4164.09 for immediate settlement.

This is preposterous. I believed was in the process of negotiating the paltry 2.5% margin offered to vendors with the NSW government.

After putting considerable effort into implementing the Opal card system in the St James area – and the Sydney CBD and beyond – I believed it was time to negotiate a fairer deal for my effort.To this point I have received no communication from the NSW government.

The introduction of the Opal card was a major effort – and now I find the thanks I get involves being directed to commercial debt collection and being bullied into paying. This intimidation has taken the form of throwing a $3267.79 fee in my face – and being told that that fee will go away if I pay the $896.30 in Opal Card transactions. This is unfair. With respect – I am a small family business and simply seek a fairer deal.

I believe I  have earned a fairer deal because I have devoted considerable time and effort into promoting and implementing the OPAL card system. Also – I believe when the OPAL card system started – some 3 years ago – there were no vendors at train stations and so businesses such as St James Pharmacy were the only vendors available.Therefore the pharmacy played a fundamental role in getting the Opal card system “over the line.”

Please raise the margin paid on Opal Vendor transactions from 2.5% to 5%.

I eagerly await your reply

Sincere Regards

Steve Campbell Grant

PS Any Opal Card Vendors reading this document may like to reconsider the provision of the Opal Card service now that Opal Cards and Opal Card top ups are available at NSW government outlets – such as train stations.

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