In late August 2015 the “chemists warehouse” is a reality in the Sydney CW00l

And while the business may struggle to find a footing within the
exorbitant cost of Sydney city rent – it may well be propped up by the
success of its one hundred or so other outlets.

How long this will last remains to be seen.

But while the business is open on Pitt Street – I’ll make the following points:

-St James Pharmacy matches or near matches the prices of Chemists
Warehouse. Pricing information is readily available on their website.
We match these prices in the interests of fairness. The last thing we
want to do at St James Pharmacy is rip people off.

-We do not sell perfume.

-We do not inspect bags.

St James Pharmacy is a small business – trying to etch out a living for its two owners, pay the occasional staff member – and enjoy a cooked
breakfast now and then. That’s about it.

We are not big box incorporated.
There is no marketing gimmickry, no high margin add on sale here. We actually give a stuff – for you, for the medicine you’re on – for
your well being.
So when next you’re in the Sydney CBD spare a thought for the little guy.
You’ll speak to an actual person and get the service and attention you so richly deserve.

We guarantee it!