FrootoidsJones and Jones, Chemists and Druggists, Wholesalers and Retailers along the
famous Elizabeth Street of our fair city of Sydney present –

Frootoids – The Cure for Headaches, Indigestion, Constipation and Biliousness

The immense number of orders for Frootoids, sent by post direct to the Proprietor is convincing proof that the Public appreciate their splendid curing power over the above-named complaints. They are elegant in appearance, pleasant to take, and, what is of the utmost importance, are thoroughly reliable in affording quick relief. Frootoids are immensely more valuable than an ordinary aperient*, in so far that they not only act as an aperient, but do remove from the blood, tissues, and internal organs, waste, poisonous matter that is clogging them and choking the
channels that lead to and from them.
The beneficial effects of Frootoids are evident at once by the disappearance of headache, the head becoming clear, and a bright, cheery sense of perfect health taking the place of sluggish, depressed feelings, by the liver acting properly,
and by the food being properly digested. Frootoids are the proper aperient medicine to take when any Congestion or Blood Poison is present, or when Congestion of the Brain or Apoplexy is present or threatening. They have been
tested, and have been proved to afford quick relief In such cases when other aperients have not done any good at all.
It is of the utmost importance that this should he borne in mind, for in such cases to take an ordinary aperient is to waste time and permit of a serious illness becoming fatal.

Frootoids act splendidly on the liver, and quickly cure bilious attacks that ‘antibilious pills’ make worse. Many people. have been made sick and ill by ‘antibilious pills’ who could have been cured at once by Frootoids.
People should not allow themselves to be duped into contracting a medicine-taking habit by being persuaded to take daily doses with each meal of so-called indigestion cures that do NOT cure. Frootoids have been subjected to extensive tests,
and have in every case proved successful in completely curing the complaints named.
The ordinary adult dose-of Frootoids, of which there are 78 in a bottle, is 2 to 4 — more or less as required— taken, preferably at bedtime, when constipated, or at the commencement of any other disease requiring an aperient, as an
auxilliary with the special medicine necessary for the case. A constipated habit of body will be completely cured if the patient will on each occasion, when-suffering, take a dose of Frootoids, instead of an ordinary aperient; making
the interval between the taking of each dose longer and the dose smaller. The patient thus gradually becomes, independent of Aperient Medicines. —

*A cure from another time – an aperient – it turns out – is merely a laxative.

Taken mostly from Trove, our wonderful national library.