Practical hygiene at work.

You know how it is – it’s early o’clock and your wending your way into the
city for work on public transport – a train, a bus, or (if you’re lucky) a ferry.

And there’s plenty other people about – people with red noses and the despairing look
that comes with cold suffering.

Or maybe they’re wearing a scarf and have a glazed over face – full of the flu,
feeling poorly.

So Winter is here – work’s a thing, public transport cannot be avoided.

But getting sick can – and here’s how.

Wash your hands often – a simple but effective way of protecting yourself.
Soap and water is good, but if there is no soap around washing your hands in
just water is more effective than not washing your hands at all
Can you hear the nagging voice

“Have you washed your hands?”
Well, have you?

Avoid touching “things” – poles, buttons, hand rails, handles.
If you need to cross at the lights, if you need to call the elevator –
use your phone – it’s hard and because is made of steel or hard plastic won’t
become contagious. Probably.

Remember – after touching something there is a 99.9% you will
touch your nose, mouth or eyes. Just how it is.

Keep an alcohol sanitiser in your handbag or pocket – is a good alternative to
washing your hands.

If you do catch the dreaded lurgie – and are well enough to continue working –
consider wearing a mask on public transport. This way you can protect the folk
around you. We’re all in this together, right?

Keep up the exercise – is a proven way to keep the nasties at bay
Keep up the fluids.