This post is about the best selling product in my shop – the highly effective
generic version of Nurofen Plus.
Not only does it provide the anti-inflammatory benefits of ibuprofen relieving sore
back, sore neck, headache and period pain – it also delivers what could best be
described as an impactful but low dose of that useful painkiller codeine.
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Important dosing information:
The recommended dose of ibuprofen 200mg plus codeine 12.8mg is 2 tablets every
4-6 hours with food. However – in cases of more severe pain – such as the pain
of a slipped disc or a migraine – a sufferer can take 4 tablets every 4-6 hours

Please note: it is super important – for the sake of your gastro-intestinal health –
patients take this dose with food. (See sticker).

Nurofen Plus generic cheapest in town St James Pharmacy – maximum dose 4 tablets
every 4-6 hours, with food.