St James pharmacy continues….
to sell OPAL cards and continues to give an OPAL card top up service. The least you can add to a black OPAL card (adult fare) is $10.

And $5 for a green card (child 5-15 years old)
To get a student/ concessional OPAL card (silver) or pensioner card (gold) you need to ring 13OPAL.
If you are on a mobile click 135372
Remember – for adult and child cards you have three options.
1. Use the card unregistered which means you control when your card is (and isn’t) topped up.
A list of locations across Sydney is here.
It also means if your balance runs below zero (a few dollars) you can discard the card, and get a new one (and save a few dollars)
*doing this is complex and not worth the hassle.
Leaving the card unregistered also means if you lose the card – any value stored on it is lost with no way to recover it.
2. Register the card at 13OPAL but choose not to connect a credit card number. This gives you the flexibility to top up your Opal card when and where you want. Top ups at outlets such as St James Pharmacy offer IMMEDIATE credit on the Opal card.
3. Register your Opal card by ringing 13OPAL or going online and connect your credit card number. By clicking the auto top up button – you make sure your Opal card never runs out of credit. And that your credit card gets debited $40 every time the Opal card balance falls below $10

For student/concessional (silver) and pensioner (gold) Opal cards you can only choose from options 2 or 3 above.

So what are you waiting for? Opal card – everyone’s doing it (except for rich people from Mosman)

Even if you're rich - you can still use the OPAL card.

Even if you’re rich – you can still use the OPAL card.