And you’re wondering – so what?MedicalCert
The Pharmacy Guild have been sprouting on about how a pharmacist can
issue medical certificates, and how it’s above aboard and all. Verbosity this way.

But think about it-
A pharmacist is qualified to do more than just get and give out medicines.
I’m talking about the assessment and treatment of minor conditions.

Cause let’s face it – pharmacists are at the rock face of medical treatment.

Maybe you have the flu, and are feeling poorly with cough. (see pic)

Maybe you’ve had the “runs” for two days
“Must have been something I et”

Perhaps a swollen right eye, “lids stuck together this morning – gunk coming out of it.”

Do you need a medical certificate?
You might.
A pharmacist is there for “preliminary diagnosis”

The idea is merely to set the health care ball rolling.
And that’s all.
A pharmacists advice does not replace the opinion of a medical doctor,
It supplements it!

Do you need further investigation?
Check with your pharmacist.