Owning a pharmacy twenty years ago was a good way to make money, there is no denying.
Something like being kissed by three lovely saloon ladies.
(if you’re a lonely cowboy and that’s your kind of thing.)

Pharmacy 20 years ago today

In late August 2015 the reality of government price reductions, the
challenge of price competition from the likes of Chemists Warehouse and
Cincotta’s Discount Chemist and the ever looming threat of pharmacy
deregulation (think pharmacy going into Woolworths) have made
operating a family owned small pharmacy a somewhat difficult proposition.
Something like waking up from a dream to find yourself buried neck deep
in sand, your ears being pecked by vultures.

Pharmacy a week ago

But there is hope.
There are chopsticks to be had – and digging ourselves out will be difficult – but is possible!

Pharmacy Self Help

Pharmacy remains viable as long as it is in the hands of pharmacists.
These are the people who believe the provision and supply of medicines is a valuable service to the Australian community.
In every small town – and even in big towns like Sydney – Australians have access to what I believe is the most valuable part of our Healthcare system – our system of community pharmacies.
Where the owner knows your name –
-where she is part of your local public school
-where he (tries) to perform stand up at the local pub.

Pharmacists have a vested interest in well being of the community, of the members of the community.
This is why pharmacy ownership needs to remain in the hands of pharmacists.