#TelstraVsStJPharmacy – 1 of 4 TelstraNoNo

Once again, I find myself on the receiving end of Telstra’s incompetence. This time, however – the details of this torrid affair are to be writ large across every single one of my social media channels so the online community can realize it does in fact have a voice and does not have to put up with the bullying tactics Telstra employs.

This post is going to Facebook, where I hope people experiencing similar difficulties with Telstra will share and re-share the many and varied ways in which they have have found the service of the Telco giant wanting.
The post will wend it’s way on to twitter – firstly on the pharmacy handle TheVenerableApothecary @stjpharmacy (338 followers) – because, after all this relates to the use of mobile phones (0422339111 and 0422339123) and a land line phone (02) 92312662- fundamental to the operation of this pharmacy.
Also the disruption Telstra has caused my business, and the flow on affect to the essential provision of important medical services within the Sydney CBD will be described.

Further the post will land on my “personal” twitter handle  NotAPharmacist @stevecampbell72 (560 followers) where I post about things not related to pharmacy, (SFW!) but certainly related to my online geeks life – and my wonderful wife and kids.
It will be posted on Google Plus – on my personal profile +Steve Campbell Grant and on my business profile +St James Pharmacy.

Finally – because the whole thing is so long – I will be syndicating this post on my website – www.stjamespharmacy.com.au – spreading around my words at length. Here I will discuss the origin of my issues with the phone company, as well as my attempts to reason with them and my reluctant decision to get in contact with the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman, (who, incidentally. has proven quite helpful throughout this entire process. In fact, I will be encouraging
the use of the Ombudsman as a valuable and easily approachable service for those feeling overwhelmed by the bellicose nature of Telstra.
Telstra is not beyond reproach.

Further I will elaborate on Telstra’s questionable action in demanding I sign a legally binding “waver” to clear them of any responsibility in these negotiations? and that I pursue the matter no further. Seriously?
I will go on to talk about the frustration I have encountered in dealing with representatives from the supposed higher echelons of the company who, after a short period of assistance “go on leave” and the help I was receiving disappears and I am forced to re-explain the details of my situation from the beginning. This has happened again today (July 13, 2005) – with Telstra sending me a bill for the incorrect amount, and the agreed deadline for payment of August 15, 2015 disappearing.
The sheer ruthlessness and bloodymindedness of the credit department and their smear campaign of intimidation and untruths, which has included, amongst other belligerent behaviours an ill considered decision to place a mark against my credit rating.
Unfortunately, I have no names to mention as these bill generating arbiters hide behind their telecommunications towers and turn my service off and on in accordance with the whim of their own cowardly agenda. Like cowards.
I will however be able to describe their bullying behaviour.