Telstra Bullies

#TelstraVsStJPharmacy – 3 of 4

After a protracted negotiation, I thought the business had reached an

agreement with Telstra on the 29th of May 2015.

This was with the help of Kyle Irvine – a commendably helpful employee at Telstra. Kyle is part of the Customer Resolutions Group.

Here is the email Kyle sent through on June 22.

Irvine, Kyle <>

Jun 22
Hi Steve,

I have ensured a prompt reconnection of all three services.

The outstanding amount I have on record is $2,015.06.

I have also ensured a credit hold until 17 August.


Kyle Irvine D707190

Customer Resolution Group
CRG@717 | Telstra Business


However, since that agreement was reached I have been cut off on no less than 2 occasions for a total time period of 3 weeks. This does not help our business at all.

You will note the above email clearly states the deadline for payment is August 17

This morning (Monday 13 July) I received a bill from someone at Telstra Credit Department for $3331.60.


Do these people know what they are doing?
This includes the $2000 I had agreed to pay by August 17. This was not an amount I had agreed to pay by 13 July.
And yet it goes into the bill which – because it was not paid by some imagined deadline – resulted in my service being disconnected. This hardly seems fair and begs the question – for a company whose stock in trade is communication do internal communications actually happen?

Plus the cowards at Telstra Credit Department added a cleverly trumped up $1200 for July’s usage? which is nothing like the bill I had agreed to of $630 per month when I signed up in the first place. 10/14.

Further if you look at the bill – you’ll see I’m being charged twice for the same mobile phone line. (circled in red)

Something is clearly amiss.
Because August 17 has not happened yet, I have not paid the agreed amount of $2015
Which I thought was reasonable.
However – on July 11 (last Friday) Telstra made the poorly considered decision to cut off both my land line (02)92312662 and mobiles 0422 339 111 and 0422 339 123.

This is the result-

Deed Of Release

This is an important, legally binding document.
Read it carefully.
Before you sign it, we recommend that you seek independent legal advice
To: St James Pharmacy 
From: Telstra Corporation Limited (ABN 33 051 775 556) of Sydney, NSW,
Australia, 2000 and its officers, employees and agents (the “Company”)
This Deed is executed as a Deed Poll in favour of St James Pharmacy and its
officers, employees, contractors and agents (“Pharmacy”) and is binding on the
1) The Company claims that Pharmacy is liable because of an outstanding bill for
The Company withdraws the claim against Pharmacy and the Company will
not make any other claim, now or in the future, against Pharmacy in
relation to the Events; and the Company will keep this Deed and the Events
confidential except as may be necessary for obtaining confidential legal or
accounting advice, or if required by law.
No other party who intends to make a claim against Pharmacy which
relates to the Events; and
No other party who has a claimable interest in the Events.

Deed Of Settlement

Terms of settlement between Telstra (the “company”) and St James Pharmacy (the “pharmacy”)
-Pharmacy will pay the agreed $2015 by 17 August, 2015
-Pharmacy mobile phone services 0422 339 111 and 0422 339 123 are to remain active
until 17 August, 2015
-land line service 0292312662 to be continued.
-ADSL service on 0292312662 to be continued.
-the service provided to the mobiles and land line and ADSL by company during the period between the disconnection of the phones – July 11 – and August 17 to be provided “FREE OF CHARGE”
Signed _______________     (Telstra Representative)

Signed________________    (Pharmacy Representative)

Witnessed _____________    (A person duly qualified to witness legal documents in NSW)