#TelstraVsStJPharmacy – 2 of 4 TelstraReproach

I will be using hootsuite to schedule online posts on an ongoing basis.

This will amplify my social media imprint, anfd make it look as though I am mounting a large and consistent campaign, well beyond what a single person could humanly do.
I will posting directly to the three major social media sites – using the methods I have learned are peculiar to each platform.
For twitter I will employ concise 140 character summaries, made meaningful by the almighty hashtag.
On facebook, I will ask my friends online to share and re-share the important points I list about the poor service I have endured at the hands of Telstra – and more importantly spread the essential idea that Telstra is not beyond reproach
and is in fact answerable to the TIO (Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman)
www.tio.com.au 1800 062 058
On Google Plus I will use the hashtag to ensure my issues with Telstra rank very highly on the commonly used search engine. A search on Telstra Vs St James Pharmacy or St James Pharmacy Vs Telstra will yield results relevant to this campaign.
The memes I create as part of this campaign will appear on Instagram, along with hashtags.
This is the way I hope to spread this campaign.