Telstra Shop

#TelstraVsStJPharmacy – 4 of 4

In my negotiations with Telstra the mobile phones 0422 339 123 and 0422 339 111 were suspected by both sides of being faulty. Consequently I was advised to take the phones to the nearby Telstra store where I was met with arrogance and derision, and an overwhelming determination on the Companies part to not be helpful, or to take the phones back for examination. Here is my review of that experience.

   My experience of this store made a bad situation even worse. I had been negotiating with Telstra about the service for my mobile phones, and had been advised to return them to the store so they could be looked at. The technician at the store did everything within his power to aggravate the situation. He kept asking “Have you upgraded your iPhone to iOS… ?” And just kept adding numbers – belligerent in his belief he would be able to confuse me with his supposed tech savvy. This is a disappointing attitude. I would not recommend this store if you are after helpful service.

The Telstra shop I refer to is located at

400 George St Sydney NSW 2000

1800 721 425