In this post I talk about one of the few occasions where I get to make something.

In this case it’s a cream and all I’m really doing is adding the active ingredients.
All pharmacists are trained to use aseptic technique to incorporate actives, as well as
having the skillset to produce everything from creams to ear drops, eye drops to ointments.
Unfortunately this ability is rarely used today.

The prescription calls for (Rx) a cream to made using 6% LPC (Coal Tar) and 4% Salicylic Acid
in a base of UEA (Aqueous Cream). The patient requested I make 500g and present it in 5 x 100g jars.
So I worked out I needed the following
Coal Tar: 6/100 x 500 = 30mL (Coal Tar is a liquid)
AC. Sal: 4/100 x 500 = 20g (Salicylic Acid is a solid)
Aqueous Cream: 500g in 5 x 100g jars

1. Wipe down a glass slab with isopropyl alcohol or similar
2. Lift the aqueous cream out of the jars, place on glass slab.
3. Place the salicyclic acid on the slab next to the cream.
4. Make a pit in the centre of the acid, pour the coal tar solution slowly into the powder, mixing the two together.
Removing any lumps by dissolution and incorporation.
5. Incorporate the cream into the acid and tar solution mixture – until there are as few lumps as possible.

6. Pack the cream down into the 5 original aqueous cream jars.

A cream such as this would be used in the treatment of psoriasis. Coal tar Solution is effective in relieving symptoms of
dryness, redness, flaking, scaling, and itching. Salicylic Acid is keratolytic – literally eating away dead skin. Aqueous
cream is a moisturiser so named because its main ingredient is water. Aqueous Cream is also an emollient
which means it softens or sooths the skin. Here is a modified formula from the APFUnguent(preservative free) – you can make this at
home using the method described.

emulsifying ointment…………….30g
purified water, boiled and cooled…to 100g

Melt the emulsifying ointment and mix with 5mL of glycerol and 60mL of purified water heated to about 70 C. Stir until a semi
solid cream forms then adjust to 100g with purified water. Mix thoroughly.
Pack down intio a 100g glass jar. Discard after 2 months.

Word check: aseptic, psoriasis, keratolytic, emollient