If you had the good fortune of the hundred some thousand dollars you need to get
started? (An inheritance.)

Would you buy a pharmacy?

If you were trained in pharmacy like a “dogs body” by the one person in your own
family that could have guided you? (an uncle, pharmacist.)

Would you buy a pharmacy?

If you knew Westpac had no interest in you or your future plans for the pharmacy-
and were focused on helping out their corporate buddies Stockland with the
maintenance of exorbitant rent ($200kpa.) along Pitt Street?

Would you buy a pharmacy?

If you knew the wholesaler Symbion (previously Fauldings) would offer you far too
much credit ($220k.) and then laugh as they possessed your family home, wiping their
hands of any involvement?

Would you buy a pharmacy?
Of course you would, if you could.
Because ownership is the pinnacle of the study of the degree of Community Pharmacy.
And there will be some who disagree – their focus is Hospital Pharmacy
or Industry.

Or “it’ll do.”
But these fields are by and large the minority.
Do you want to work for Chemists Warehouse for the measley sum of $25 per hour
for the next 10 years and just “see what happens?”

You have a degree from a world class University
Twenty five dollars an hour!
Think about it!