Take your capsules. (Xenical 84, $120.)

Eat less, exercise more.

Load up on toilet paper.

Do you need to lose weight?Xenical Small
Xenical will get you started.
Five kilograms in six months, and that’s guaranteed.
(the studies to back that up are here.)

Here’s what you need to get started

-One box of Xenical – Orlistat 120mg purchased at St James Pharmacy.
-One low fat, low calorie diet.
-Commitment to the program – one capsule three times  a day, every day for 28 days – at least to    start with.
-Several Rolls of easily accessible toilet paper, for the “leakage”. (an unfortunate
side effect.)
-And a functioning toilet.

Once you make the commitment – you’re on your way.
Xenical will get you started.

But weight loss – or gain – is primarily about what and how much you eat.
Plus it’s a long term thing, and never a quick fix.

Xenical (Orlistat) 120mg 84 available over the counter at St James Pharmacy $120.