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Keep Codeine Off Script – Have Your Say!

The proposal is…. well, it’s no good – and here’s why –

You know how it is –

You’ve got a migraine- the flashing lights shine right before your eyes and the pain is on it’s way. It’s not bad pain- you’ve had headaches like this before- but you’ve taken a couple of Panadol and three Nurofen – nothing quite takes the edge off…

Your back hurts. Really hurts. You’ve slipped a disc and because you slept awkwardly last night you’re  finding it hard to move. Back pain creates its own sort of pain – you’ve taken a couple of Panadol- have even broken out the ABC Elastoplast heat plaster for your back. You were saving that plaster for tonight – so you could get a good nights sleep but now, now it just really hurts…

You’ve been to the dentist. She did some canal work on you – you know the deep rooted painful kind of canal work that’s left your teeth damaged and your jaw in agony – you could scream – and you do – into an imagined paper bag, but it’s not enough, never enough. Now if you could only make the pain go away….

Codeine is the answer. (Vote here!)

Now I know that’s not PC – and there’ll be Boy Scouts and Nay Sayers saying that that’s wrong. And sure Codeine isn’t the “entire” answer. But it helps take the edge off -makes the pain bearable.

Now the powers that be at the TGA have suggested codeine be moved to prescription only. I reckon I can name at least two groups who should think this is a bad idea. The first group being folk like me – pharmacists, pharmacy assistants, pharmacy owners. People who work in and about the pharmacy industry. Codeine is one of the few unique selling propositions remaining to us. So come on pharmacy people – vote for my petition! No point in sitting on your backside and waiting for someone else to do it!

The cost of moving codeine to prescription only will be… too damn high!

The other group who should this change a bad idea is the Australian public.

Anyone who has used #NurofenPlus #Panadeine #Codral #Codis #PanadeineExtra #CodralPE

This sudden and never before seen change is like taking a blunt instrument and trying to cut down the tall tree of misuse and abuse. (did you see what I did there? :-))

The proposal is…. well, it’s no good – and here’s why –
• patients who GENUINELY need it won’t be able to get it.
• it’ll cost too much money
• it’ll cost too much money
• increased GP waiting times
• more folk at A & E when they really don’t need to be

These changes… would have the biggest effect on country people because it costs more to visit a GP in the bush than it does in the big smoke.

So it’s up to you! Get in before 19 November, 2015 (decision day)  – and tell the TGA what you think of their proposal.

This is what they have said

And here is where you can respond.
Don’t wait – apply to the Minister for Health Sussan Ley here and let’s defeat this bill before it’s even carried/motioned/passed. Petition is here.

And here are some funny memes on the subject to keep you entertained while you gather your thoughts and put together your response.

OpiumMeme PicardCodeine TDHCodeine

World Pharmacist Day

It’s #worldpharmacistday and this year the theme is

“Your partner in health”

Every day an estimated three million pharmacists act as partners to patients and health care professionals (like doctors) with the shared vision of better health. Isnt that cool?

Pharmacy is all about building relationships. Aw!

It’s also about having a good time – you know what they say about all work and no play.

Here then are the memes created especially for the day by the awesomely active and energetic minds @StJPharmacy.


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