This week, the story of Jones and Jones, wholesale and dispensing chemists – takes us into their history – where the two were educated – and how they met.
Finnius is formerly of Tasmanian heritage – educated at Horton College, Ross, and Launceston Church Grammar School in the year ’91.

After a few years in the state of Victoria working in shipping and wheat-broking, Finnius Jones was articled to his father, Landon Jones, a practicing and dispensing chemist. Eventually Finnius moved north to the mainland where he read Pharmacy at The University Of Sydney.


It was here that he met his future wife Lana “Lanny” Aleksander – an “old girl” from Loreto College at Kirribilli and a fellow Pharmacy School graduate.

After several years working in various chemist shops around Sydney the two went into partnership together.
In the almost 12 years since opening, Jones and Jones chemist and druggist has expanded into a sizable wholesale (George St) as well as retail and dispensing pharmacy (Elizabeth St).