A guide to setting up a proxy server.
Step 1
Open a Chrome browser window
Type in “hola better”
Click on the top one
 Inline image 1
Follow the installation instructions to install into chrome
Inline image 2
Step 2
Clear out the cache in Google Chrome
1. Go to top right of browser window
2. Click on parallel bars
3. Open settings
Inline image 3
Click On history>>> Clear browsing data
Inline image 4
Check that “Obliterate Data from the beginning of time” is picked in the drop down.
Make sure “hola better” (installed earlier) is ready (it will be orange fire icon, top right)
Inline image 5
Step 3
I recommend bbc.co.uk
(you’ll know you’re in the UK as a Union Jack will appear where the fire was!)
Inline image 1
Click on “iPlayer” – happy watching, global viewer!