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#RoCur happening now @WeArePharmacy – please get involved!

Had some #rocur experience taking the reins at @WeAreSydney in August, 2015.

What an interesting idea!

Aim to get one started for the world wide web of pharmacy – and all the tweeps that make it!

TL;DR @WeArePharmacy is #rocur for pharmacy; simply be one of these: #PharmacyAssistant #Pharmacist #PharmacyStudent #PharmacyOwner #PharmacyAdmin, (not complete). to curate Non-pharmacy tweeps welcome. Subject is #pharmacy though!

Get the nod @StJPharmacy: Tweet lots and have a good week!


@WeArePharmacy is alive! (IT’S ALI-I-I-I-I-VE!)

I’m a huge Twitter fan – and have been astonished/fascinated/intrigued (pick one) by the rise and rise of #rocur.

Rotation curation (has other names, see hashtag above) puts the spotlight on a specific topic – in this case pharmacy – and allows one tweeter to take the helm of the good ship @WeArePharmacy for a week.

In addition to this new Pharmacy account there’s also @WeAreSydney   @WeAreADL (Adelaide) and @WeAreAustralia  for Aussies,

@PeopleInOttawa and @PeopleOfCanada and @TWkTO (Toronto) for #rocur in Canada,

@PeopleOfUK and @WeAreManc and @LondonIsYours for the rotation accounts in England.

@TweetWeekNYC @Being_Dallas @PeopleOfPDX (Portland – keep it weird!) for Americans

And @ScotsVoices and @LoveEdinburgh For Scots. Och aye.

Would you like to contribute? We’d love you to.

@WeArePharmacy is a #rocur account for Pharmacy – and the people who work in it – in all it’s forms – across the entire twittersphere.

Which, when I  last checked was 316 million active users. (Larger than the US, way smaller than India, China)

This account is for folk involved in pharmacy throughout the WORLD.

On your tweet, people!


Calling ALL Pharmacy Tweeps. #PharmacyTweeps

Whether you’re a






You’re welcome to share your Pharmacy related stories here @WeArePharmacy using the hashtag #wearepharmacy

(Some examples)

“Best #PharmacyRelatedPopSong  “I Want A New Drug” by Huey Lewis and the News – and here is a link “

“There is a new drug available for TX of #weightloss called #Victoza. It’s expensive (retails at $195in Oz) but so far has had some promising results. ”

#Coveram is giving my patients terrible #heartburn. Have you found the same thing? #Wearepharmacy

Even sharing funny #customerservice stories

If you want to promote your pharmacy or pharmacy business – feel free to do that too

Now I  know pharmacists love rules (I am one of those, after all) – but I really only have the one rule.

“Tweet whatever you like – but remember no one likes a troll”

Simply contact Steve @StJPharmacy and I’ll line you up for a week or so of tweeting, retweeting and favouriting from the handle @WeArePharmacy where you can talk about all things pharmacy.

Including – but not limited to –

New Drugs, Old Drugs With New Uses, Pharmacy VS Supermarkets, Discount Pharmacy, Wages, DTC Advertising, OTC Prescribing, Customer Service, Prescription Pricing, IT problems, Pharmacy Guild, Complimentary Medicines, Antibiotic Resistance, Makeup Remover, Sore Throat Gargle – anything, really

When rostered on – I will contact you via twitter, and share the username and password.

Once inside the account you can edit the BIO as you see fit. Please just include a hashtag of your role in pharmacy.

@WeArePharmacy it’s easy, it’s fun – and best of all its free! Guaranteed.



The Price Is Fair – plus we actually give a stuff.

Here is a price list of 20 of our best selling medicines.

You will need a script to get these, and an Australian script at that.
Because I believe in fairness, and that prescription prices should be competitive.
I’ve used the very useful chemists warehouse website (and you can check me here )
To match – or very near to match these prices.


Sandra and I still offer the same great “knock your socks off” service
Plus we can now officially claim we won’t rip you off.
So give us a go.
St James Pharmacy – two pharmacists with 60 years experience between them.
The price is fair – plus we give a stuff.

Steve and Sandra, actual people. Also pharmacists.

Steve and Sandra, actual people. Also pharmacists.


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